Olexandra Pushnova
Chief Technology Officer ZV'YAZANI

Let the whole world know about Ukrainian carpet weaving

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word "carpet"? In most cases it can be a wall decoration for Soviet Union citizen. Probably, a Hutsul carpet, seen somewhere in the Carpathians.

But I as a professional weaver always keep in my heart a huge cultural heritage and Ukrainian traditions of weaving, which is based on the richness of colors, patterns, combining themes unlike any other carpet weaving in the world. The Ukrainian weaving tradition is as rich and unique as that of embroidery and pysankarstvo. However, everything we have now – enormous collections of Ukrainian carpets, hidden in museums, and some items at local craft fairs.

I can describe an incredible world of wonder. It is full of snow-capped mountains, green fields, fairy-tale animals, and magic birds, and flowers. And yet - weird patterns of our ancestors' rich imagination. I can tell you about the trees of life, sprouting with flowering branches. The sky pouring down with warm rain. After all, the richness of our nature is reflected in the semantics of the Ukrainian carpet. And I really want to show it to the largest possible audience.
ZV'YAZANI is a project that will help me to promote Ukrainian carpet weaving tradition, as the whole world knows about Persian, Turkish, Indian, French carpets, but not about Ukrainian ones.

As a technical director, I put a high priority on the quality and authenticity of our production. We strive to "get weaved" by the warmth of a woolen thread with the story of anyone who wants to look into our carpet world. In addition, of course, show the world our capacity to compete in international markets, surprise and impress a foreign buyer, to tell about our country and unite people with the love for handmade art.
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