Handmade carpets for modern interiors

Handmade carpets for modern interiors

About us

ZV'YAZANI is not only about handmade carpets. Those are people bound by the same dream - to restore the ancient Ukrainian tradition of weaving, connecting it to the present day.

Our weavers make carpets on the looms belonging to their grandmothers, according to the modern design, created by talented pattern designers.

This is very stremuous and time-consuming work, but you are sure to admire the results of it! We are proud of them and will be delighted if you choose ZV'YAZANI carpets for your interior.

Our carpets

Carpet features

ковер ручной работы
Modern design
We collaborate with the best pattern designers. Carpets created by them will be a perfect fit for any modern interior.
Natural materials
Our carpets are made from 100% sheep wool. This is an ecological material, which is very warm and pleasant to touch.
High quality
We select both the thread and its color carefully producing a unique item.
Individual approach
You can choose the ready-made carpet from the collection or order its size and shape of your own.
ковер ручной работы
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